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The result of the Primitive, Thursday, 22. October, checked to see if you’ve won!

Find out the result of the last draw of the lottery Primitiva.

Last updated 48 updated on 23/10/2020 16:

The winning numbers from the draw Primitive of the 22. Day of October 2020 13 17 31 36 39 43. The complementary number is the 19, and the refund on the 6.Place.

The Joker there are 5 593 were 195. You can check all the winning numbers through your account on the website of lotteries and bets of the state, in the section dedicated to the results of the Primitive.

As you know, the draws of the lottery Primitiva held on the Thursday and Saturday at 21:30. Each bet and choice of numbers has the value 1 euroand the game consists of the selection Combination of six numbers in the range of 1 to 49.

Once you have the seal of the ticket, we are automatically assigning random, and an additional number known as the Refund.

If the draw is celebrating, we extracted six different numbers from 1 to 49 and a further two numbers from 1 to 9: the Complementary and the refund.

Depending on the number of successful the amount of the prices will vary, and it can be.from a simple return of the ticket, up to several million euros

You do not need to be in a workshop of Instagram for your first “lambo”, only the original play.

Remember that by participating in the profit of the Primitive play, you have the opportunity you play with the Joker with the same ticket.

So, if you want to try your luck, to pay the you have 1 euro more in your bet early, so that a move for the Joker.

If you decide to play, you will receive a random number of seven digits, which must be Primitive with the number of seven figures, which will be removed at the end of the lottery drawing.

The more you successfully tap, the more money you will earn, up to a maximum of a million euros.

How to play the original on your phone

There are a good handful of mobile applications to play the lotterythe Euro millions or The Primitive, however, it is better to go the official app of lotteries and bets of the state, which can either be downloaded directly to Android, the of your web page.

With the official mobile app of SELAE You will be able to not only provide information about raffles past and future, but also to access different games of chance, and even validate your tickets.

Yes, the tightness of your bets you will need to purchase credits in advance by direct debit or credit card.