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Wrong… and won $ 2 million

The Americans, Samir Mazahem with Dearborn Heights, Michigan, accidentally purchased two the same lottery ticket and won two awards in the amount of 1 million dollars, according to the Agency AP.

56-year-old man said that at 9. June with the help of the App Mega Millions lottery ticket bought for 2 dollars. He tried to find the selected rooms, but coincidentally, the fate of the second, bought with the same numbers.

A little disappointed, but thought about it too much Mazahem said.

Recently went into the App and saw that through an accidental purchase twice 1 Million US won-Dollar.

I could not believe that it is true Mazahem said. Several days passed before it dawned on me that my mistake has paid US $ 2 million he added.

Mazahem has already received an award. Plans to buy a new house, and move the rest of the money.