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4 uses of NFC in Android, the sure that you don’t know

The NFC mobile phone is used much more than numbers. We explain 4 the unknown in the NFC, that it can be very helpful.

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The NFC technology is here to stay. While the increase in the mobile in which it is available, grow your multiple applications: mobile payments, is the connection with another phone to share files, to read, cards with NFC-stored data…

These are some of the most popular applications of NFC technology, but it is much more. If you want to get the most out of this technology, which can be in your phone, be attentive because we will explain it to you 4 not used in the NFC, the insurance know.

Before we dive into these unknown applications, let’s remember that NFC is a wireless communication technology with short range and high frequency, with the help of which you transmission of information between two devices a NFC chip.

For example, if your phone is NFC, you can lead mobile payments approaching the terminal on the screen of the device collection.

No need to open the app Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or the platform of mobile payment, the use it, just tap your phone with NFC-enabled.

The mobile payment is the most well-known application of this technology, but, as I said, there’s more. Here we go, let us discover these 4 uses of NFC are sure that you don’t know, but that can be of great usefulness.

You disclose, 4 used unknown in the NFC, but very useful

To connect to a WiFi network

The uses of the unknown in the NFC is the possibility of a connection to a WiFi network without the need for passwords or cable.

The first router that supports it, was the technology of the Huawei A2, in which you just have to turn on NFC and bring the mobile for it to be connected to the network, in just a few seconds.

We know that the WPS button on the router facilitates the connection, but the process by NFC faster and easier.

The innovative router is manufactured by Huawei it was released in November 2019, so it is always expected that the reach of this technology to all users.

However, it is always advisable check the features of the router that you have in the house to find out whether or not it supports or not, the NFC-technology.

If Yes, please do not hesitate to use it for the connection even faster.

To download the accessories for your cell phone wirelessly

The wireless charging continues his landing progressive in the mobile-jump in the market.

The vast majority of smartphone makers are betting on the Technology Qi wireless chargingsomething that could change in the future.

Yes, one of the unknown in the NFC the wireless charging of gadgets. In may 2020, the NFC Forum, the agreement to a standard name announced Wireless-Charging specification (WLC)the charging small batteries, such as bracelets or smart earphone.

At the moment, this standard is not suitable for batteries of smartphones, but do not give up, this option in the future.

It is possible that the standard-increase your load capacity –now it is only 1Wor develop new standards on the Basis of the NFC for charging mobile phones.

For your personal identification

How to use NFC on Android

You will be able to identify with your Android device, thanks to NFC technology

If you are someone that is often forgotten, the ID card or driver’s license at home, which is the personal identification with NFC a Life-saver for you.

Cards issued In some countries notification with NFC support, and this was from Samsung replace identify the cards for its new Galaxy S20.

The South Korean manufacturer, mobile reported family Galaxy S20, the system of electronic identification (eID), the store id cards on your smartphone so that the user can use, without the need for the physical card.

For the moment, Germany is the first country this will allow you to save your national id-cards in the Galaxy S20, from the end of 2020.

Without a doubt, this is one of the uses non-NFC more useful we can be in the future.

You Open Your Car

Some car manufacturers have also begun to bet on the NFC technology in their new models, such as Audi or Mercedes-Benz.

The idea is that the Mobile phones serve as a key to the digital to open the cars with this technology, wireless communication.

So, just to get the phone to the door of the car, as would result without the need of the private key. Although Android still does not have this option, do the Apple devices, like iPhone and Apple Watch.

The system is called Apple-Car-Keyand is already available for some BMW models.

Honda, Cadillac and Volkswagen are the vehicle manufacturers who are already working with NFC technology for to make life easier for your customers.

And in this most of the applications of NFC are, as we have seen in this article, to facilitate certain tasks to users.