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40 hours on the translation, a total of more than 1000 hours. You change the time in the Buckingham Palace

Today, to play the clock from summer time to winter time. At in cages, computers, or przestawią itself, but many of us have an hour of free time on conventional clocks, wall, or on the Hand. Incredibly a lot of work to the employees of the Royal castle in the UK. You pay a total of 40 hours on the translation, a total of more than 1000 Royal hours.

A Team of restorers and the Royal watchmaker, has become a major challenge. In connection with the change of time from summer to Winter it does not work-time: 450 hours in Windsor castle, 600 at Buckingham Palace, and 50 in the Palace of Holyrood. It comes to all sorts of czasomierzach. Of these little ones, several great hours on the towers.

Fjodor van den Broek is one of those with RA for hours. It is only changed for me and at a friend’s house in Buckingham-Palace-all watches – told the BBC. As says – on some devices, you have to take into account the additional time difference. In Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace in the kitchens of at least 5 minutes before the food arrived on time – translator.

Queen Elizabeth is not, however, had to change your personal alarm clock, because it’s actually not and, at least, it is not the technology.

Apparently budzona by 9 am every morning by his personal players on the bagpipes, which is under your window and only plays for you. And when she sleeps, Kobzar continue the game within 15 minutes.