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A recording of new infections koronawirusem in Slovakia

In Slovakia, 2890 infections koronawirusem discovered. This is the second in a row high growth on a daily basis – reported the Ministry of health. A record number of deaths – 25. Since the beginning of the pandemic on Covid-19 159 people died in the country.

The day before, the authorities reported on the 2581, new infections and 19 zgonach on Covid-19. In the country currently 30 active 722 confirmed infections. Since the beginning of the epidemic in the country koronawirusem was infected 40 801 people.

The above-mentioned figures with regard to the positive results of the Tests from Friday do not take into account the results of the research in the framework of the ogólnosłowackiej share testbegan on Monday in four districts in the North and North-East of the country. In the Lower Kubinie, Twardoszynie and Namiestowie in Orava and in Bardejowie on Friday tested 62 000 peopleof which 2225 a positive result had.

For a comprehensive study of the inhabitants of Slovakia will be used Antigen Teststhe results show that after about a quarter of an hour, and they are less accurate than laboratory tests, and PCR.

With the Sabbath in the country, there are significant Limitations to homethat is the only on the way to work, the production of the most important purchases or to the doctor. In the four districts in which the currently in the testing and where SARS-CoV-2 the most widespread is to leave the house, needs a negative result. Results of the first Phase of the common Tests should be discussed at the meeting of the crisis staff on Monday.