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How to make your own ringtones and notifications

We will explain step by step how to create your own ringtones and notifications from other songs and audios.

Last updated on October 24th, 2020 at 2:00 am

The customization options of Android are one of the great advantages of a mobile phone or tablet with this operating system.

This time we’ll focus on that Ringtones and notificationsThese sounds that let you know if someone is calling you, if you received a message on WhatsApp or if you received an email on Gmail.

These ringtones and notifications can also be easily changed using your phone sounds like you are creating yourself.

That’s right, as we are going to explain step by step in this guide Create custom ringtones and notifications on your cell phone.

After that explanation and so that you can use your own tones, we’ll see how you can Change the ringtone and notification tone on your Android.

We allow ourselves a spoiler: Both processes are simple. It only takes a few seconds for your favorite sounds to notify you when you receive a call or notification.

Create your own ringtones and notifications on Android.

How to make your own ringtones and notifications

Something better than personalizing your phone with elements that you have created yourself? Here’s how you can do it in terms of ringtones and notifications Create your own sounds and configure them on your phone.

In Android there are several options for creating your own ringtones and notifications. On the one hand, you can download third party apps like Ringtone Maker and Music Editor that allow you to choose a sound from your audio and video Cut out the part you like the most to turn it into clay.

On the other hand, you can use the help of Websites like MP3 Cutter, in which you can also trim the fragments of an audio to convert it to sound without having to download anything to your smartphone.

To realize this example We are going to use the Ringtone Maker app, Download and installation free, though with the occasional display.

This is the most popular application for creating ringtones as it has very useful features and a very intuitive interface that makes it a lot easier to use.

Once Ringtone Maker has been downloaded to your phone and granted the relevant permits To access multimedia content, you need to follow the steps below to create your own ringtones and notifications:

  1. In the list of all audio files saved on the phone Look for the one you want to turn into clay and click the three-dot button on the right.
  2. If you want to use all of the audio as sound, click “Create default ringtone” or “Create standard notification”If you only want to use a fragment, click “To edit”.
  3. In the audio editor that opens, Move the gray controls to choose the start and end of the ringtone or notification.
  4. When you have finished editing, click the button “To save” at the top of the screen.
  5. Enter Name for the clay and its category: music, alarm, notification or call.
  6. Finally, choose whether you want to configure the tone you just created as the default ringtone.

How to change the ringtone on your Android

Once you’ve created your custom ringtones, it’s time for Set the default ringtone from your phone or tablet.

It’s a simple process that is practically the same on all Android devices. To change the ringtone to the sound you created yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the phone settings.
  2. Click the section “Sound” (The name may vary depending on the brand.)
  3. Find the section “Ringtone”, “Ringtone” or similar
  4. On the list, Choose the ringtone created with Ringtone Maker or similar tools.

How to change the sound of notifications on Android

If the sound you’ve created is a notification tone, you can also configure it on your Android through a simple process.

Remember that the option you need to select in the “Type” section when saving the sound in Ringtone Maker is “Notification”.

This detail has been clarified, let’s see How to change the default notification sound on your Android.

  1. Enter the phone settings.
  2. Click the section “Sound” (The name may vary depending on the brand.)
  3. Go in “Notification sounds”, “Notification tone” or similar
  4. In the tone list Select notification sound that you created yourself.

In addition to setting a default notification sound for apps in general, some apps allow you to use a specific notification sound to help you do this Differentiate your notifications from the rest.

It is the case of Whatsapp, Application that lets you customize notifications as you type Settings> Notifications.

In this section you can choose one tone for notifications about individual chats and another tone for group conversations.

That concludes our guide on creating custom ringtones and notifications for your Android phone. You’ve already seen that you can do it thanks to tools like Ringtone Maker Create a tone from any audio You have on the phone.

Then all you have to do is go to the Sound section to use that sound as a ringtone or notification.