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More expensive is not always better: Defects in the three top-quality cell phones currently available

Although these three premium phones cost a lot of money, they have some shortcomings.

Luckily when we buy a new smartphone We have a wide variety of models at prices to suit all budgets. Of course, we need to consider not only the benefits we will give to it, but also our priorities and our economic performance.

We also have to take into account that a $ 100 phone doesn’t do the same as a $ 1,000 phone We cannot ask the same of each of these devices.

Now we are far from finding the perfect smartphone. Why? Because even though there are high-end devices on the market at really high prices, there is still no such device that offers everything. And to show some examples, because we teach you Like most premium phones on the market, they have flaws.

New iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 has a 60 Hz screen

Just a few weeks ago, Apple presented its new iPhone 12. As every year, the world stops during the presentation and there is no doubt that they came from there the most anticipated devices by consumers.

The iPhone 11 is a great terminal, and it’s been a huge hit. Therefore, the Cupertino company hopes to repeat this success with its new terminals, all despite the fact that The iPhone 12 series doesn’t look like a big revolution even compared to its predecessor. But not only that.

The new iPhone 12, a premium phone launched in late 2020, has some flaws when we compare it to other devices with lower ranges and prices. Not just the controversial fact that they are sold without a charger or headphones, a move that a large section of the public did not like. However, the base model still has a refresh rate of 60 Hz.

Well, It’s true that 120 Hz doesn’t really matter It should not be allowed that a high-end phone will not have a screen with a refresh rate of at least 90 Hz from the end of 2020.

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Galaxy Note20

Cell phones are always costing more and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is a clear example of this

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra is without a doubt one of the best Android phones out there today, much better than its little brother, the standard Note 20. Nevertheless It’s still not a perfect phone for the $ 1,000 + it costs.

As many of you will know by having said this in our full analysis, The Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra has a QHD + screen and a refresh rate of 120 Hz However, you cannot use these two functions on the phone at the same time. A real shame.

A weak point of the panel is the inability to combine the maximum resolution of the panel with the maximum refresh rate it supports. This is possible with models like the OnePlus 8 Pro or the OPPO Find X2 Pro. When I’ve paid 1,400 euros for a mobile phone, I want to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, even though I know that this will seriously affect my autonomy.

Moto Edge Plus

Motorola Edge Plus

The Motorola Edge Plus is not resistant to dust or water

Although Motorola left the high-end market some time ago, 2020 was a good year to try again. For this he decided on the Motorola Edge Plus, a smartphone that was once on the market for almost 1,200 euros and is currently available for around 800 euros. A device that will not have IP68 certification in mid-2020.

What does that mean? It is not resistant to dust or water, so you should take great care of it.

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