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More than 15 thousand infections in the Czech Republic. The Prime Minister wants the resignation of the Minister of health

The daily increase in infections koronawirusem in the Czech Republic for the first time, more than 15 thousand. – the Ministry of health reported. The number of infected was 15 252. 63 People Died. The Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babisz turned to the President Milosza Zemana on the dismissal of the Minister of health Roman Prymuli, which, according to the media ignored the restrictions of the pandemic. Earlier, the head of the government Prymule asked to resign, but he refused.

How did the Czech Ministry of health, hospitals currently more than 5 thousand. Patients Covid-19, 751 of them is in critical condition.

Saturday, a day with a record growth of infections. Also, the number of Tests grows. On Wednesday and Thursday, the limit of 45 thousand in the laboratory investigations carried out. Data on Friday, and published on Thursday evening.

Rapidly the Virus is spreading in the vicinity of the town of Zlín in Moravia, where, in the course of the week 1004 new cases per 100 thousand. Inhabitants. Some less-infected included in Przybramie (936 cases) in Central Bohemia, in the town of Pilsen (929) in the West of the country. At least cases were in the course of the week in the town of Cheb (Eger) in the West of the country on the border to Germany, where, under 300 new programs regulated in 100 thousand. Inhabitants.

The government gradually increases the strength of the restrictions in connection with koronawirusem. Since Thursday prohibited – with some exceptions – in the retail sector and limited the number of services provided. To go out of the house, just to get to work, to shopping or to the doctor. Can meet only occur in two groupswhen it comes to the personality, in the same household.

Koronawirus. More than 14 thousand. new cases in the Czech Republic

The trust to the imposed restrictions, the Situation can loosen up with the Minister of health Roman Prymulą, the appealed to again and again, on the compliance with applicable laws. Magazine “Blesk” has published a photo Prymuli, as in the night comes without a mask from the Restaurant. The Restaurant must be closed. According to the media, the head of the Department of health, the Chairman of the movement ANO Premiere Babisza, Roman Faltynkiem attended the meeting with the chief of the parliamentary club and Vice-

The Minister dismissed the allegations, as well as the call to the Prime Minister-the Minister Andrey Babisza about the levy in the rest. The Prime Minister-the Minister appealed to the President Milosza Zemana on the abolition of the Prymuli with the post. The President postponed the decision on the next week.

Koronawirus in the Czech Republic: Almost 15 thousand. new cases and a drastic tightening of the

Koronawirus in the Czech Republic: Almost 15 thousand. new cases and a drastic tightening of the

Faltynek apologized for the events, and admitted that in an interview with Prymulą in the Restaurant. The Minister admitted, that, in return, has nothing to complain about, and the claim of the Prime Minister rejected his resignation. I am convinced that the meeting took place in a private room, and the masks that you created, because in the way to the car, he was alonewhat the images show. As he added, pulled the mask already in the car.

The behaviour of the Minister Babisz called the “terrible and catastrophic, not to justify”. As he said, he pointed out that the country are the same and those that are more equal than others. Quick response Premiere commentators, need to ensure the protection of the image of the government, accusing chaotic management of the combat koronawirusem.

Commentators and politicians have drawn attention to the fact that the knowledge and organizatorskie ability Prymuli could not be wasted, and if the former Minister expressed such an interest, should koronawirusa in cooperation with the government with the abstention. They remembered, too, that after the success Prymuli during the first wave of a pandemic, the President of the decision to award him the highest Czech awards – order of the White lion. The ceremony was to take place on 28. October, a public holiday in the Czech Republic, but was.postponed to next year because of the pandemic

After a meeting with Zemanem Prime Minister told reporters that he presented the President of the resume of the candidate to a new member of the government, but its surname did not name. The question is not answered, when the President says, the current Minister for health. Commentators point out that the Constitution makes him a different way, but also reminded them of the circumstances of the change on the post of the Minister of culture in 2019, which lasted about two months.

Prymula, in the media-called “Face-fighting with koronawirusem”, epidemiologist, former senior physician and the Director of the hospital in the town of Hradec Kralovem. Deputy Minister of health was, during the first wave koronawirusa, functions, resigned after a conflict with the head of the Department of health Adam Vojtiechem and was made specifically for him. new Position as head of the office of the government Council for the Affairs of research and Innovation in medicine, cooked 21. September, the Minister of health was.

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