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Presidential elections in the United States: Trump Florida elected

The application for a second term in office, Donald Trump voted in the US presidential election. He did this in a polling station in West Palm Beach, Florida, to ensure that, in spite of the epidemic koronawirusa it is safe.

I voted for the guy, whose name is Trump he said after the return of the card in presidential elections.

Citing concerns that while the vote is not in connection with the epidemic the risk of infection koronawirusemreplied that “it was very safe”. In a polling station in the library leaders of the United States wore a mask.

In Florida, the early vote on the elections, take the On 3. Novemberthe city task, you can run by the post delivered voters card or you can go local with you personally to choice. This is made possible by the the accessibility of the early voting, which is recorded during an epidemic in many States. Trump repeated on a regular basis to go to the massive postal vote can contribute to the Polling fraud, and recommends to the polling station. The concern is expressed that this year the elections will be “the most corrupt in the history of our country”.

The Epidemic, Climate, Minimum Wage. Behind us, the last debate Trump-Biden

The Epidemic, Climate, Minimum Wage. Behind us, the last debate Trump-Biden

Including Presidential election Voice been more than 56 million U.S. citizensof which more than 5 million, Florida. This condition it takes a fierce battle. Polls show no strong advantages, no single one of the candidates. The victory in the elections with 29 Yes votes elektorskimi Florida be decisive for the final result.

On Saturday, US President not yet scheduled, so that in Lumberton, North Carolina. Then to Ohio and Wisconsin.

His selective opponents Joe Biden concentrated in Pennsylvania, where on Tuesday the two car rallies “drive-in”. One of them is in a suburb of Philadelphia, and the other to the North in the district of Lucerne, coal-basin with heavy population of Polish origin. In Western Pennsylvania for Biden, the weather will be on Saturday, Senator Bernie Sanders, his former rival in the primaries.

Born in New York City, the Trump more than a year ago he left New York and moved officially to Florida. I claimed that the alienation of the payment of the high taxes in New York, but also “being-when they look at you worse than any other”. In accordance with the law Trump a resident of Manhattan, as well as estate Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida is not.

Mansion Trump, is a complex of Hotel and recreation center with Golf courses. The President intended the “Winter White house” or “the southern White house”. Met here with some of the greatest leaders of the world, in particular China’s President Xi Jinpingiem.