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So you sold your ID channels telegram stolen

With the passage of the years, the telegram has apps to a reference within the messaging. The leadership of WhastApp is increasingly in question, in part because of the variety of options and customization, the telegram allows. In addition, if something is this last, since its inception, is the privacy aspect has been accepted, the not everyone uses for the purpose of respectable.

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One of these utilities, call it somehow, hidden behind the large shield private telegram, that you have found to create the criminal, you channels, in which identification documents to sell stolen. This process has revealed that the journalist of El País Jordi Pérez Colomé in a detailed interview, which you can read here.

Passports, ID card, and much more

The British passport is one of the most in demand in these channels Teleram. Photo by Ethan Wilkinson on Unsplash.

Pérez Colomé contact with three people who had stolen their documentation and not become to learn more about it. No fear, too much, or thought, in the remote possibility that this would be sold in a black market of identities telegram stolen. But so it was.

As noted by the journalists, there are several channels of the well-known messaging app, designed specifically for these purposes and that the police have been detected; marketed in both the real documents stolen, and in fact, as a wrong, a good number of European countries. Let us say that the range of possibilities is very wide, but the most expensive and demanded Passports, British and German, which you can get for around 2,000 euros.

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Surprises also the degree marketiniano of this criminal, the implementation of the measures in the most pure style copywritter in 2020, with convincing texts and compelling offers in the packs almost irresistible for all those in search of a new identity. In fact, the more calls the attention of the journalists to “pack-new identity”, which, for a small Price of 3,000 euros, brings together, ID card, driver’s license and a SIM card. It’s almost like an all-inclusive in Punta Cana, in the middle of the summer.

Method of payment and shipping

After the query, that the author of the report, carried out by an expert in cyber-intelligence, the method of payment is via Bitcoin to a specific account, that at the time of completion of the report, had 88 transactions with a value of 9,000 euros. Also, allegedly the documentation came through a generic company,transport to know what made it difficult, in the country of delivery.

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