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The shield has a more than 7 metres high and 4 metres wide. How to change the time on a clock from the castle of the Pomeranian Dukes in Szczecin?

The shield has more than 7 meters high and almost 4 meters wide and saw najświetniejszy period of development in Szczecin. Today, cal Dukes in Szczecin and work in the Salon for hours from the castle of Pomeranian, to answer the question of how in such a large czasomierzu the time from summer to Winter.

Szczeciński watch comes with the year 1693. On circumstances, in honor of the victory of Sweden in the war with Brandenburg. Invented by Johann von Goethe has him, and made Caspar Nitardi. The watch was received a couple of times, the replacement was also their mechanism.

These before the war was destroyed during the bombing of the city during the war. The new mechanism is a copy from the Royal castle in Warsaw. The Original, however, the Baroque shield. What information can you subtract? A large arrow indicates the hours, the small arrow at the bottom shows the course of a quarter of an hour, in the middle of the dial maszkaron with green hair. The mouth of this maszkarona the current date, and the eye is to follow good advice, and is surrounded by numbers, indicating the time and the symbols of the four winds. And about the shield – Joker-character of the Prince, the audible run-of-the-hours and quarter-hours. And at the top we have the sphere of the moon, shows the current Phase Czeslaw jeweler, the Keeper of the watch, who knows about him says it all.

Eye-to-eye maszkarona, hidden in the castle complex mechanism of the watch believes. Once the regular Intervention of a guardian, Traffic tips required, the goods had to stay in the Hand with a special wajchy on the mountain. Now it automatically makes the electric motor. You Czeslaw at visits, at least once per week. So often, because it is not necessary to correct at point, time, otherwise, after a week of spieszyłby he or późnił for a Minute.

Mechanism, in principle, reliably, and although it is not unheard of that the watch got up suddenly. When was the previous Keeper of hours, then he stopped. Was is damaged the engine. I thought to myself that he had for 30 years, so that the right. Repaired, after a week is up again. It took two months before I did, what happened. It was not the fault of the engine, only a specific Element in a worm gear for the lifting of the load Beats hours. Then I’m забрезжило that can be a watch missing its guardian. The second such case, was as I car sick at heart, sick, took me to the hospital, I rode in a wheelchair in the hallway in the hospital, on the wall, an electronic Timer was and it showed 13:00. In the evening my brother called and listen to me say, “look, I’m in the courtyard of the castle, your watch is,” “how late it is,” I ask, “13:00”. I have goose bumps on the back of the cell. I thought that the watch of his guardian requires, and that it seems that you have me. As I got out of the hospital, I initiated the first steps on the castle. Weighting that was responsible for the motion of the clock in the lower Position. Or electricity is not, or has not worked sprzegielko that do not work a-Million-right properly. I don’t know. At 13 stopped Czeslaw jeweler says.

So, how to set the time on the clock? I do this with the help of the so-called Disc setting. Each tower with the clock, has a mechanical role ustawczą, so monitorkiem, visualization, the hour, the clock on the tower. If I set the clock from summer time to winter time, then I have two choices. The first: I set the clock to the hour, I’m going for a beer, I’ll go back, and after an hour I start him. And the second way: disable the mechanism of tips, and I’ll take the roller in the opposite direction clockwise – says a guard Timer. How does he does it always in the evening, the day prior to the change of time.