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The United States strongly condemn the Turkish studies of the Russian missile systems s-400

The U.S. defense Department condemned the Turkish army’s Tests of the Russian missile systems s-400 performed. It is a “serious consequences” for the military cooperation between the U.S. and Turkey, a Pentagon spokesman said.

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has confirmed earlier reports about the conduct of the examination by the Turkey, bought in Russia, despite the objections of the U.S. air defense missile System s-400. Performed and to be performed were – Erdogan said in Istanbul. He pointed out that the United States will ask questions about the consent in this question.

Jonathan Rath Hoffmann stressed that the US Position has always been clear and has not changed: comments on System s-400 is not compatible with the obligations of Turkey as an ally of the USA and NATO. We are opposed to the examination of this system by the Turkey, this can have serious consequences for our relations defence – told a press-the Secretary of the Pentagon.

Also, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in Brussels expressed concern about the consequences of the Turkish decision on the import of missiles s-400. He stressed that for the Alliance, it is important that the elements of the air defense and the missile defense of the member States were compatible with each other and work in an integrated manner in the framework.

On Friday last week from the port city of Synopa on the Turkish coast of the Black sea Video-flight recorded a rocket. Turkish media reported that it was the first attempt, the performance of the battle-System s-400. Rocket launch took place in the Zone, temporarily closed to shipping and air-because of the announced audits by the authorities-rocket.

The USA have been buying the Turkey, which is able to destroy warheads of ballistic missiles of the Russian system s-400 as an act of infidelity to his sojuszniczki with NATO. In response, the Turkish participation included in the programme of the output and the input in the order of the jet fighter of the latest Generation Lockheed Martin F-35.

Ankara claims that the Partner will not be offered from the NATO to you no reasonable alternatives to the S-400. The Turkish-Russian agreement on the purchase of s-400 was signed in the year 2017, but the supply of the elements of the first of four, a total of 2.5 billion US dollars, systems began in July 2019.