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A pandemic is not a conspiracy. Doctors warn policy and

Conspiracy theories about the pandemic Covid-19 always attract more and more followers. On Saturday in Warsaw to Protest the so-called koronasceptytków opponent and restrictions was made, to the spread of the epidemic. Similar zorgmadzenia went also, and in particular in Germany and the UK. The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, and had to last time to citizens that the government is building a camp of the infected internment for HIV.

Hundreds of people protested in early September in Trafalgar Square in Central London against the restriction of their authorities because of the epidemic koronawirusa. In the Demonstration, also attended by the opponents of vaccination, and also the supporters of the various conspiracy theories, according to which the epidemic by the authorities, it was invented to control people, implantation of people, Computer Chip, or is connected with the 5G technology. During the Demonstration there were clashes with the police.

Protests against koronawirusowym obostrzeniom found also in Warsaw. Released, they were against the “restriction of freedom by the state”. Most of those present had bottles of ancestor masks, and a large part moved instead of the mask of the clown or truncated, and is based on the face of the PET.

We believe that a pandemic is an invention of the government. We are not our rights – one of participants of the action of a protest.

The police reported that four police officers were injured. Was arrested 278 of the man, in 27 cases, preventive detention taken place.

In many countries in recent times, a Problem with Runaway dezinformacją. Examples you don’t need to look far. The great popularity of on the net shares in Premiere Matthew Morawieckiego language acquired. To be found In various social networks, parts of the recording with a press conferences at which politicians had to say: “the one Who dies, then it dies hard.”

In fact, it was, sentences out of context. The Prime Minister-the Minister during a press conference, said: “In our society people are of the opinion that all of the restrictions are not needed, we need to by this pandemic, not by the introduction of such restrictions. Who dies, so shall he die – hard. There are such people who think so”.

The big Problem with dezinformacją and dissemination of theories spiskowymi Canada. Prime Minister Trudeau acknowledged last week that during a virtual meetings with voters, assured the participation in it, a young woman, that the government of no one, to the sick, strength to get out of the house.

I had to explain what since it comes to us more and more information from various sources, we need to be very careful what sources , he said.

Hundreds of people on the streets of London. Protested against the restrictions in connection with the pandemic

Hundreds of people on the streets of London. Protested against the restrictions in connection with the pandemic

Public television CBC cytowała response from the Ministry of health, in the press service clearly contradicts rumors about the infected koronawirusem speaks. “This misinformation is used to input the Canadians astray, causing fear and uncertainty. We are asking Canadians for a careful examination of the sources” – appealed to the resort.

In the last week before dezinformacją warned, chief physician of the Prince Edward island Heather Morrison.

Incorrect information actions taken to combat the course of the pandemic can threaten – She said, without paying attention that an example of such false information, a comparison Covid-19 for the seasonal flu.

She pointed out that the average number of diseases within a year of the flu in Canada 40 thousand. on 3,5 thousand mortality, and in the case of the Covid-19, it is already more than 200 thousand. Disease and 10 thousand. the deceased. Morrison said that against the flu can be vaccinated, and Covid-19-nor. The number of serious cases Covid-19 also significantly higher than in the case of the flu.

As the media pointed out, the cause for the rumors about the camps of internment, the decision of the government on the provision of resources to the places of quarantine for people, homeless people and more functions to the quarantine for persons returning to Canada who do not have, such as the two-week period of self-isolation.

Part of the spread of false information policy. The media described the case of a conservative Deputy of the Parliament of Ontario Randy Hilliera to prepare the request to the government of the province, during the session of Parliament, addressed to the specifying question: “are there people in internment camps”.

Two days later, a politician, asked to be built where the camp. Letters about the camps and sent to the residents of his constituency. Hillier is known for protests against the wearing of masks. His records and statements appear on the websites of the dissemination of conspiracy theories. For ridicule parents of an autistic child, politician, was excluded in the last year of the conservative party.

More than half of Polish Internet-users faced with fake News

More than half of Polish Internet-users faced with fake News

In the last few weeks in the major canadian cities of demonstrations of opponents of the wearing of masks. One of them was organized under torontońskim the house of the Prime Minister of Ontario, Doug Ford.

According to a study by the centre Leger, of the organization Association for Canadian Studies, many surveys on questions in connection with Covid-19, 83 per cent. The Canadians believe that the authorities have to order, they cover the face in closed.

From this sondażowni significantly, the proportion of Canadians who wear masks is not grown, only then, if you are in enclosed spaces with other people. At the end of September in the nose and mouth, the ceiling, even on a walk in the average of 17 percent. The Canadians. In mid-October, the 27% was not so often. and sometimes – 18%. of the respondents.

According to an August study published by the University of Carleton, in conspiracy theories about Covid-19 half of Canadians believed even. At the end of July of the current year in McGill University, the results of the study, have given and published, that Residents of Canada who regularly use social media, perceive less often in such principles as the backup of the distance and, more rarely, Covid-19 as a threat. And those are the traditional sources of information, security rules to comply with.

In addition, in Canada, fears grow in front of Covid-19. In June, according to the research, the Leger, the percentage of people very or fairly obawiających the development amounted to an average of 51%. In July, the number of citizens, the fears started to grow. From mid-September to the 19th century. October developed at the level of 61-63%. The proportion of people without fear was on that day, and 37%.

27 percent. The Canadians believe that the is currently in progress from the worst of the pandemic. 44 percent. in turn, that the worst is yet to come.

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