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In the spring of New York, the epicenter of the pandemic. Now one of the lowest rates of infection

Despite the fact that in the United States have been in the last few days, a record increase in new cases koronowirus and compacted in New York, which was in the United States in the spring of the epicenter of the pandemic, it has managed to avoid significant symptoms of. Refers to the six smallest indicator for infections.

According to Johns Hopkins University last week, for example, in North Dakota the day 101,6 new cases of the Virus came to 100 thousand. the people in Wisconsin 59.6 in Illinois 32,7, in the nearby Connecticut 12,9 and in New Jersey at 12.3. In New York it was registered a 7.8, and at least in Vermont, hope to 2.3.

Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday that in the last 24 hours in the U.S. state of indicator Test on koronawirusa with a positive result, increased in comparison with the previous day, to 1.31 percent. This was mainly due to the several large, separate units koronawirusa in some areas, like Broome County, where arrived (6,09%), Chemung (4,61%), Lee Brooklyn (4,23 percent). Apart from these subjects, the percentage of infection increased in the situation, to 1.13 percent.

To the extent that, as in the whole country new cases in New York grow we continue our strategy of aggressive actions on the micro-areas of increased infections as soon as it appears. We put measures in place to stop quickly for a possible spread of the Virus Bill said.

In the most affected areas of 799 Tests for the presence of the Virus on Friday 19. 511 brought a positive result. In the rest of the state 137 141 Tests, in 1550, was positive.

We succumb to this “method chirurgicznemu”, because we have to test a comprehensive program and search for infected contacts to people. We have come a long way, but a pandemic is not yet over, and we must remain vigilant: apply the mask, wash your hands, dystansuj social and or drive in New York. The only way to overcome this Problem, is the compliance with the provisions relating to public health and the concern for the other – said Cuomo.

In the last few days because of the Covid-19 in the state of New York, 11 people, including one in the city died. Of the pandemic, observed state, including 25 718 dead and 493,832 cases of infection.

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