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Koronawirus in Germany. In some regions, the Situation got out of control

Within the last few days in Germany, 11 found 176 infections koronawirusem and 29 infected people died – the Institute submitted. The Robert Koch Institute in Berlin (RKI).

New cases and more than 3 thousand UAH. less, than the day before, when the record sum of 14 714 infections. Numbers over the weekend, as a rule, lower than during the week due to the lower number of Tests.

The RKI, the organizations in Germany, the fight against infectious diseases, said on Thursday that Pandemic koronawirusa in Germany, quickly spread and in some regions was already out of control. In September, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned that Germany can go to the end of the year up to the Situation, if a succumb to the infection is almost 20 thousand. Man.

According to the Institute. The Robert Koch Institute shows that the infection is currently happening in the first place when working in the area of private life and in the families in the care of older people. The Institute also noted that the infection affected mostly the elderly.

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