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Lukashenko: Belarus and Russia is ready to respond to external threats

The President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said in a telephone conversation with US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, Belarus and Russia reported ready-to-common response to external threats in the Belarusian state media.

In the course of the conversation Lukashenko responded in any way to the Ultimatum that to him a few days ago before liderkę of the Belarusian Opposition Światłanę Cichanouską, the threatened, the strike in Belarus, when the President left office.

With their sides Pompeo, as a spokesman for the U.S. state Department, called Lukashenko “the release of the illegally detained American citizens Vitalija Shkliarova and give him the permission to leave Belarus”. The head of American diplomacy “also confirmed the US support for the democratic aspirations of the Republic of Belarus”.

In Belarus since the beginning of August it goes up to protests against the falsification of the presidential elections, which according to the official results, won by Alexander Lukashenko. The reprisals against the representatives of public organizations, activists, students, doctors, workers, business people, and other people who criticize the authorities.

13. October Cichanouska promised that the Federal government announces wide strikes, when up to 25. October, including Lukashenko meets three requirements. Lukashenko demanded prior to the announcement of the resignation, the complete cessation of violence on the streets and the release of all political prisoners.

The nieprzychodzenia to work and to class, participating in walks, called for the closure of businesses and offices, niewspółpracowania with state services and their non-use of the services, as well as the disbursement of all funds from banks.

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