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One of the most dangerous terrorists of the “Al-Qaeda” was killed by security forces in Afghanistan

Afghan security forces have one of the most important members of the “Al-Qaeda” – the Deputy head of Abu Muhsina Al-Masri, said in the list of most wanted terrorists by the us FBI, in a Twitter Interview with Afghan NDS.

Al-Masri has been accused, in the United States for the provision of material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization and conspiracy to murder U.S. citizens. Interview, he added that Al-Masri was the Supreme leader of the organization on the Indian subcontinent.

According to the FBI, Agent “Al-Qaeda”, which also traded under the name of Husam Abd-al-RA ‘ uf, was a citizen of Egypt.The islamist died in a RAID in Ghazni province in Eastern Afghanistan. In September, US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that in Afghanistan, less than 200 agents, “Al-Qaeda”.

In October, the 19 year anniversary since the U.S. Invasion of Afghanistan to overthrow the Taliban regime, скрывавшего of the militants of “Al-Qaeda”, which undertakes the terrorist attacks in the USA of 11. September 2001.

The United States began to gradually withdraw its troops from Afghanistan after the completion in February of the current year, the breakthrough agreement with the Taliban. In the Qatari capital of Doha, an agreement between the United States and the Taliban on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan in exchange for the start of the peace negotiations with the Central government in Kabul and the guarantee that Afghanistan is not a haven for terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda.

The NATO’s Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan currently comprises 12 thousand. Soldiers from 38 countries, including 8.6 thousand Americans. At the beginning of October, US President, Donald Trump announced the desire to bring all U.S. soldiers from Afghanistan by Christmas, that is faster than an agreement between the United States and the Taliban. Not said, however, whether it’s U.S. forces in the field, in the framework of the NATO Mission.

Despite the fact, started in September, within the peace talks between the Afghan government in Kabul and the Taliban to stop the fighting between the two sides. In the last few weeks in the clashes and more than 100 people on both sides, but also dozens of civilians died.