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The entry infections koronawirusem in France. More than 45 thousand new cases

Another day in a row in France, a record experienced growth of infections koronawirusem. Since the last days of the 422, it was found 45 infections. 138 people died, the Ministry of health of the country reported.

The day before the Federal office on 42 reports 032 infections and 298 cases with a fatal outcome.

Indicator Test with a positive result is currently 16 percent, while at the beginning of September was 4.5 percent.

France is the seventh country in the world, in which the number of infections since the beginning of the epidemic exceeded one Million. Overall, it was found, there 1 086 497 cases, Covid-19 died 34 645 people.

In the last 24 hours in the hospital, 1667-infected persons, that the increased total number of hospitalizations, in France-15 637. 2491 patients lives in intensive care units.

French President Emmanuel Macro on Friday during a visit to a hospital in Pointoise, near Paris, said that with koronawirusem life until the next summer. He added that as long as to limit a curfew, which has an effect on most of the country, and extend, perhaps, even, it is.

In the spring of New York, the epicenter of the pandemic. Now one of the lowest rates of infection