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The entry infections koronawirusem in Hungary

In the last few days in Hungary, the diagnosis was 3149 new cases Covid-19 – reported to the authorities. It is the first time the number of new infections exceeded 3 thousand Killed 35-infected people.

Compared to the previous day, the number of detected infections that exceeds by more than 1,3 thousand the Previous record fell on Friday, as it 2066 cases registered. On Thursday, the head of the office of the Prime Minister Гергей Gulyas promised that plans in spite of the rapid spread of the Virus, the government, the introduction of additional restrictions.

So far since the beginning of the epidemic with the diagnosis 59 247 cases Covid-19, 1425 of them were Fatal. About a third of the previously found infections has taken place in Budapest.

87 of the deaths, almost 12 thousand. Infections koronawirusem in Poland [NOWE DANE]