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The famous Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho, infected koronawirusem

The famous Brazilian footballer Ronaldinho said in his profile in one of the social networks that I have a positive test result for the presence of koronawirusa. The infection is asymptomatic.

Hello Friends, Family, Fans. I made the Test and got a positive result. Me not yet, I have no symptoms – said the former player of the “Paris Saint-Germain” and “Barcelona” in a Video, on Instagram.

The 40-year-old Ronaldinho the stay in a Hotel in Belo Horizonte and was in quarantine. Participation in the sponsorship Party at the Mineirao stadium, the object had to be on the field took the trophy of the Copa Libertadores in 2013 of Club Atlético de Madrid do Mineiro Belo Horizonte.

The Brazilian, the 2004 and 2005 he was the best player in the world in the poll of FIFA, has recently a winning streak. In August, was released from prison in Paraguay, where he is almost a year and a half due to the use of false passport.

Ronaldinho played in the past, especially in Barcelona, Flamengo, Rio de Janeiro and Paris Saint-Germain. In The Year 2002. scored Brazil the world Cup, and in 2006 won from Barcelona in the Champions League.

Brazil is one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic koronawirusa. In the second place in the world, according to the number of deaths – about 157 thousand, and a third by the number of infections – 5.3 million people.

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