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The image of the points of man-to-man and symbols. Unique wall paintings was opened in łódź

Unique wall paintings was opened in łódź: on him Jana Kowalewski, kryptologa, perpetuates the 100 Russian keyboards key that has helped broke, read almost 3 thousand secret documents of the enemy: the most important thing was to conquer the Soviet plans for Warsaw in 1920. Of those events 100 years and to mark this occasion the System – home city of Kovalevsky – award-winning character kryptologa passed.

“On the wall of one of our houses in the art Nouveau style appears large on 3 floors and a half-John Kowalewski, consisting only of letters, digits, kropeczek, man to man, from the letters of the Russian and Polish – as if it was a big, nierozszyfrowana still радиограмма” – Ivan promised Macias with the Department of culture of the municipal administration System.

“To see from afar, a fantastic figure Kowalewski, (displayed to be) based on one of the few photos from his youth – because it was a secret figure” – he noted.

Not without reason Logo of the year of Jan Kowalewski – The Senate of POLAND has announced that by the year 2020, exactly one year Kovalevsky – in two colors: dark-blue and red. With these pins, because on szyfrogramach Hotfixes occurred.

The opening of the archaeological scheduled as an event on the Internet: only interested people can keep in mind. In the program are also included in addition, under the title “the inspector” in the execution of Hubert Kułacza and the concert of the group Bigiel gang with boats in the style of the 20s.

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