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The President of Samsung died. “With the local economic and industrial power”

At the age of 78 years, niche group, Samsung Group and head of the company Samsung Electronics, died on Sunday, Lee Kun-hee, Chairman of the Board of management of South Korea. Half a year ago, was hospitalized due to a heart attack.

“President Lee was a true visionary, the turned Samsung is the world leader in Innovation and local economic and industrial state made. His explanation of the New Management, since 1993. was to understand the Motivation for the realization of the Vision of the company to develop in the provision of the best technology, the global society will help. His legacy will be for always,” wrote Samsung in a statement.

Under the leadership of Lee Kun-hee of Samsung, the biggest maker of Smartphones and memory chips in the world.

The total sales of the company currently amounts to one-fifth of the gross domestic product of South Korea.

Lee kun-hee was tied up on the bed, starting in 2014, when he had his first seizure. Since then, the company is headed by his son Lee Jae-yong.