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USA. New hotbed of infection koronawirusem in the White house

At least five persons from the entourage of US Vice-President, Mike, and activities for you, which is also the head of the working group for pandemic infection koronawirusem was handed over to the American magazine “New York Times”. Am glad Isolation did not give up and continue to fight.

As writes the New Yorker magazine, Infections, there were two dear colleagues, Vice-President, head of the Mark Short, and consultant Marty fruits, as well as at least three other employees of the office Mike, and activities for you.

Spokesperson policy, Devin O’malley realized that Penny and his wife was on the Saturday of the test on the koronawirusa, and your result was negative.

Although the Vice-President and activities for you as a close contact R. Shorta, after consultation with the unit of the White house Medical Vice-President, you keep your schedule in line with the recommendations of the centers for disease control for key personnel O’malley said.

According to the U.S. newspaper, the head of the Administration of the White house, Mark Meadows tried to avoid the message infections came to the world. Even Meadows did not respond to the point.

It is at least the third breeding ground of the disease Covid-19 in the White house is already. In the context of the last, at the turn of September and October, ill President Donald Trump and at least 35 other people. 3 people, including the President, were hospitalized.

Donald Trump is infected koronawirusem. Current information nt. his health

Am glad that he was named Trump in February as head of a special working group for koronawirusa.

On Saturday in the United States, a record number of more than 88 thousand new cases Covid-19. Died 906 other people.

In the spring of New York, the epicenter of the pandemic. Now one of the lowest rates of infection

In the spring of New York, the epicenter of the pandemic. Now one of the lowest rates of infection