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Poland and other countries to complain about the EU legislative package for mobility

Russia, too, has require on Monday filed a lawsuit against the judicial system of the EU, EU laws package of mobility, that the judges in Luxembourg Hello recognized solutions for the discrimination. Previously, such complaints were has several other States.

From the information should have transferred a press-service TSUE, that today, with complaints Lithuania, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Malta. It is also Russia.

“Rules (packet mobility – approx. RMF FM) are discriminatory and have a negative impact on the internal market and the environment,” – wrote in Twitter, the Polish representation to the EU.

It comes to recipes, which voted in the summer of the European Parliament. Sprzeciwiała them Poland and the other countries in our Region, because of a number of unfavorable from the point of view of these States, changes in the market of automobile traffic. The package includes, among other things, the acquisition of the car-the tractor legislation on the delegation of workers and regulates the issue of rest periods of the driver.

“Manneken Pis” is particularly harmful to recognize adoptive rules send the driver, the Transport-operating to the full extent of the state in which the company has no place provided in the member. It goes over the Operation, roll-out, in which the European leaders are companies, Polish transport.

The Hungarian Agency MTI reported that the Ministry of justice expressed the opinion that the challenged prescriptions, show a disproportionate financial impact and administrative burden for European airlines, and they are not enforceable.

Budapest claims that the laws in contradiction with the principle of free movement of persons, goods and services, as well as restrict the functioning of the internal market by protekcjonistyczne means.

The Minister of justice of Hungary, Judith Varga reported in Facebook that the complaints of his country, joined Bulgaria, Cyprus, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta and Romania.

The state is contrary to the standards argumentowały that the law is an expression of the economic protectionism of the countries of Western Europe, the want to displace from their markets of more competitive companies from Eastern Europe, that is, Polish, Romania or Bulgaria. Objections to parts of the country are not sufficient, however, to the work, the statutory lock.

Supporters of the laws, including the representative of the European Commission and part of the Western European countries, including France, as in many Western European Internet, have shown that in the rules, it’s about better working conditions of drivers of European companies, the rules of the competition, and in her case, the speech protekcjonizmie.

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