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Room for tele-working? New Service Hotel in Moscow

Hotels in Moscow-in your offer and hiring of the room for the Remote-work full-time are included, with the appropriate equipment and cheaper than the overnight costs at the Hotel. The offer appeared in more than 30 Hotels in the Russian capital, and there has been some interest.

Most of the rooms offer a Remote-working on contracted work day from 9 to 18 o’clock. In the price is coffee, tea and water are included, and Hotels make it to the 15-percent discount on dinner in its Restaurants. Room for work, are in the category of medium Standard messenger, but also you urządzane of the most comfortable in the rooms called “suites”.

According to the prices in the sense of the Assembly of the government “Rossijską Gazietę” Room for work in the four-star Hotel with free Wi-Fi, a Desk and chairs cost 2500 rubles (approx 126 EURO). The room, raise bed, and the cost of accommodation, to 3000 rubles (151 USD).

In another Hotel in the vicinity of a large train station, the room in the class rooms renovated with the basic equipment: two places to work, a chair and a printer. Day of work in this office 2700 rubles (136 EURO) is available.

The same rate of interest for a Job in one of the large Hotels in the centre of Moscow, in the vicinity of this encyclopedic help, I’ve learned.

As reported by the “RG” in the first months of the epidemic koronawirusa Hotels were almost empty. Until September, customers began to come back, and the occupancy rate rose to 47 percent. However, this is almost half less than in September 2019, when the works were about 88 percent. Hotel rooms in Moscow Hotels.

Also dropped the prices: in the fall of 2020, the average room price in the Hotel in Moscow, almost 34 percent was below. as in the previous year.

Study: tele-work more efficient, but requires more time

Study: tele-work more efficient, but requires more time