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The Chileans want a change in the Constitution from the time of the Pinochet dictatorship

On Sunday in the Referendum before the constitutional court in Chile, to more than 78%. Languages for the drafting of a new Constitution, the zastąpiłaby Moment, the Pinochet from the times of the dictatorship of Augusto, reports a press-turnout after the counting of 90 per cent. Votes.

The opposite was 21%. The Chileans. 79 per cent. the voters rejected, and the proposal, to the project of a new basic law developed the 155-seater Convention consists to the half of the members of the National Congress (Parliament) and half from selected citizens.

Supports the idea the new Constitution, the organ, was built entirely of new elections and so that was a vote at the next Referendum. It is estimated that it could take place in the middle of the year 2022.

The results of the vote on Sunday, with enthusiasm, tens of thousands of Chileans, on the rallies in the capital Santiago and other cities.were adopted

On the Plaza Italia, the Central square of Santiago de Chile, many of the gathered expressed hope that the new Constitution restricts the rozbuchany capitalist konsumeryzm and ensures a fair distribution of the goods, as well as access to health care, education and pension system.

A year ago, massive and sometimes violent protests against the drastic inequalities, on the streets of Santiago and other cities, steel impetus for action in the field of drafting of a new Constitution.

The protests in Chile. More than a Million protesters took to the streets

Center-right President, Sebastian Pinera, whose popularity sank during the protests to a record low and continues to be, welcomed the results of the referendum.

Today, the Constitution has separated the us. Today, we must all work together, the new Constitution provided us with the framework of the unity, stability and future Pinera said.

The current Constitution since 1980, after a Referendum conducted by the military rule of the dictator general Augusto Pinochet.

In the last 20 years, the economy in Chile is developing dynamically, and the level of poverty has significantly reduced. Chile even found a formula for the success of the economic development among the countries of Latin America. Increased, but at the same time, social inequality dramaticallyaccording to many economists, the result, in particular, niehamowanej privatisation, including in the part of the municipal services.

The current Referendum was originally to take place in April of this year, prevented but the Explosion of the epidemic. The government has decided – as is accepted – under the pressure of public opinion. Possibly because he, the role of the valve is reduced, the internal political tension.

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