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The opposition conservatives won in Lithuania in the parliamentary elections

The parliamentary elections in Lithuania won, which is currently in Opposition, the conservative homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats (TS-LKD). The conservative candidate for the office of the Prime Minister Ингрида Szimonyte announced that it is ready for the creation of the ruling coalition with the two liberal parties.

On Sunday in Lithuania, the parliamentary elections were held, in which two of the terms. The first took place on 11. October. The Lithuanian observers point to the fact that you appealed is dissatisfied with the existing parties in government to the voters of the parliamentary Opposition.

The results after counting 98 percent. Votes show that the representatives of the TS-LKD in jednoizbowym 141-bed-the Lithuanian Parliament you will get 49 seats. Współrządzący currently, Lithuanian Union of farmers and Greens (LVZS), conservative arch-rival, got 32 seats.

Potential Partner the Lithuanian conservatives, the liberal movement (LRLS), and the liberal freedom party (LP) scored 12 and 11 seats. Preliminary data show that the center-right-is coalition in Parliament with 72 seats. The electoral action of poles of Lithuania Union of Christian families (ИАПЛ-ZChR) won three penalties. The member of Parliament Beata petkevica, Czeslaw Olszewski and Rita Тамашунене sit.

In Lithuania, the mixed election applies. 70 members lists to the party, and 71 – in Single-member constituencies. In the state Parliament according to party lists groups fall in the first round, more than 5 percent of the selective threshold. In the Single-member districts, a different principle applies – if none of the candidates in the first ballot does not pick up more than 50 percent. Votes in favour and 40 per cent turnout in the second round of fighting two candidates with the highest number of votes in the first.

In the first round of the elections on may 11. October, with a turnout of to 47.16%.