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The protests in Belarus. More than one and a half thousand prisoners

523 persons, the Belarusian police during the protests that went on Sunday in several cities of the country, reported on Monday the interior Ministry of the Republic of Belarus. The Ministry powiadomiło, were that the protests in all regional cities (Regional).

Total on Sunday “in various towns registered 19 protests were”, – reported in a press-service of the Ministry. In Minsk, according to the interior Ministry, police detained 160 people.

The Ministry noted that in the capital, the police used “special means” for “the termination of illegal activity, and the prevention of attacks on police officers”. In particular, the Ministry of the interior zarzuciło protestors that threw stones at the building of the militia and police cars.

The interior Ministry also confirmed the tear gas against the protesters in Grodno and Lida.

The protests in Belarus took place on last Saturday and Sunday, 11. Weekend in a row. Sunday demonstrations were given one day prior to the expiry of the ultimatum, the Alaksandrowi Lukashenko has was a competitor in the elections Swiatłana Cichanouska. They promised that on Monday, in the country of Belarus begins the strike of the Director, if up to and including Sunday, Lukashenko has not fulfilled the three requirements, under which it is after the announcement of his resignation from the office of the President.

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