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Typhoon Molave fell in the Philippines. 45 thousand people refuge had to look

Typhoon Molave, the wind speed reached 180 km/h fell on Monday to the Philippines caused heavy damage and forced about 45 thousand inhabitants seek refuge in schools and public buildings, – reported to the authorities.

The Element that accompany intense precipitation in the Form of snow, hit in the areas to the South of the capital, Manila. The wind tore roofs from houses, toppled trees and destroyed a network of energy.

Uprooted trees and fragments of damaged buildings and blocked many of the local roads.

Was interrupted the connection to the ferry, that in an island country such as the Philippines, significantly the normal functioning of the economy and daily life more difficult. In the ports of more than 1800 trucks, hardware systems, as well as thousands of passengers from ferries and fishermen stuck.

According to the forecasts, the Typhoon in the course of the day gradually over the South China sea.

Philippines haunted a year of breakouts for about 20 typhoons and earthquakes, and volcano. Are one of the most nawiedzanych by natural disasters areas of the world.

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