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Wales: shops had to be only things that you need to sell. Changes after a wave of criticism

“Supermarkets can decide to some extent at its own discretion, which articles are needed, while lockdownu”, – said on Monday the Welsh government in response to a wave of criticism after the imposed restrictions on transactions.

In accordance with the decree of the government of Wales during Friday evening, beginning 17 days lockdownem closed not just those shops that sell other articles than necessary, but even these parts of super-markets, in which there were such things as clothing, household, electronics and toys.to be

As stated the head of the government of the Welsh Assembly, Mark Drakeford, the decision was made to large networks of super-markets unfair competitive advantage over small stores that must be closed. Supermarket chain protested, indicating that this decision was announced at the last Moment, without time for preparation, moreover, is not explained in Detail, which is an important article, and what is not.

Petition to the government to change the decision in a record signed more than 60 thousand. Welsh. Disputes arising in connection with the ban and the fact that it is an indispensable product bands of the weekend, when the media all of the closed series have been shown, particularly on Monday, when one of the customers wrote in the Twitter that Tesco in Cardiff could not buy Tampons, because, as you heard, not recognized, article of daily necessities have been.

Welsh health Minister Vaughan Gething said on Monday that the decision of the Shop, of course, was unacceptable, and promised that super markets are able, in some degree, in its discretion, decide that is a must-have product. After lunch, the representatives of the government met with the heads of supermarket chains, in order to clarify how, in practice, these limitations have to look. However, Drake Ford, and on Sunday night assures that, in principle, they are not correct and will be changed.

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