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“We go to the heads”. My freezer is full, the dead bodies lying on the hallway

The morgue in the Russian Nowokuźniecku crowded. The bags with the dead lying on the ground and in normal rooms administrative offences. The Ministry of health of the Nizhny Novgorod Region kemerowskim announces Intervention.

In the Russian social networks there was a Video from the morgue in Nowokuźniecku. Here you don’t see, such as black bags with the dead, are only in special cooling cabinets, but also in the corridors, on the floor and in normal rooms. The body of one of the women was in the rule for the bag.

In the hallway-embolism, everywhere are corpses. We go on the heads – says the author of the film.

Regional Ministry of health reported that it is the body of the people, of the dead because of the Covid-19. In the last three weeks, there was an increase in the number of deaths in the Region. Many people who are isolated or ill, and not able to get the bodies of their loved ones. The Resort also draws attention to the disadvantages of the staff in the morgue.

The Ministry assured that there is already work in search of new places where to save the corpse from the morgue.

He was died. Woke up in the morgue

In Russia for the last days 17 347 found infections koronawirusem. Rather, the epidemic since the beginning. The last record of morbidity registered 23. October (was 17 at the time 340 infection).

The total number of infected is 1 in 531 224.

For the last day died in 219 patients, and thus, the number of death reached cases since the beginning of the epidemic 26 269.

Wyzdrowiało 1 to 146 096-infected people. Of these, 574 77, was the patient given to the hospitals for the last days.

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