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Orban: Compress fists for the win Trump

Hungary shrinks the fists for Donald Trump a victory in the presidential election, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday, handing the award to the state kończącemu Mission in Budapest, U.S. Ambassador David B. Cornsteinowi.

Orban stressed that, together with the choice of the Trump for the office of President and the arrival in Budapest Cornsteina everything changed in the Hungarian-American bilateral relations and Hungary felt on the part of the US-openness, sincerity, and friendship closeness.

The Prime Minister-the Minister has noticed, that earlier not have thought that between the two countries, such a large-scale cooperation in the field of diplomatic and Hungary will be achieved together with the United States in international politics.

Cornstein with his Hand, said he found in Orbanie friend and Partner. As estimated, Contacts Orban with Trump refined.

The President of Hungary Janos Ader noted Cornsteina командорским cross of merit of the order with the star.

Orban Fan Trumpowi, raga-Democrats