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She’s a Catholic and the mother of seven children. Amy horses Barrett judge of the Supreme court of the United States

Amy horses Barrett was the official term of office of the judges of the Supreme court. Catholic from 9-person family is in him, the youngest, which can ensure for the coming years in this horn, the advantage of conservatives. Barrett, praktykująca Catholic, religious, enjoys the support. Has seven children, including two with a reception in Haiti. In previous decisions, has to be a man of conservative views on issues, especially abortion, immigration and the right to the possession of weapons.

In the ceremony of the swearing-in Amey Barrett in the White house, attended by several hundred people. The present had the duty, the wearing of masks and keep them from themselves in the distance. Yes at the end of September was not in the residence of the President at the announcement of the candidacy of Barrett by Trump.

After taking the oath of the new judge SN Trumpowi and the heads of the two parties in the Senate, thanked. Has promised, that in its work independent from political pressure and not be guided by preferences is””.

In the System trójwładzy the Supreme court in the United States-this is the most important instance is in matters of Federal law. Can play a decisive role in the question of the legal disputes arising in connection with last year’s presidential elections.

A little more than a week before the presidential election, the voice they gave more than 63.5 million Americans. This is possible thanks to rozbudowaniu during the pandemic electoral systems in the early, including the one who is absent. In front of many courts, there are already battles for legislation on the state regulation in connection with the vote by mail to the following. The courts may decide on what principles the vote to be valid and recognized, if arriving packets are taken into account in the elections.

US President, Donald Trump walks up to statements that a General letter of choice, leads to the fact that the upcoming elections are manipulated. The head of the FBI, Christopher ray reassuring, however, that so far no evidence. The thing could possibly trigger a serious crisis, especially in the case of jammed duel Voting.

The head of the Senate Committee on the judiciary, Lindsey Graham suggested that the result of the elections, the Supreme court may decide this year. Exactly the mouth-piece in accordance with US law, decides on the legality of the judgments of the lower courts, as well as compliance with the laws of the Congress of the Constitution.

The 48-year-old Catholic from the 9-person family before the Supreme court, the youngest, which can ensure for the coming years in this horn, the advantage of conservatives.

Konserwatystka Barrett, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the Symbol of the liberal justice died, replaced in September.

Barrett, together with her husband, also a lawyer, has seven children, including two stepchildren from Haiti and one with down syndrome.

Behind a brilliant career as a lawyer. She has a law degree from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana, where she worked as a Professor. In 2017, President Trump was nominated to the Federal district of the court of appeal Nr. 7., with headquarters in Chicago. Wstająca in 4-5 o’clock in the morning, the judge came to him every day, of South Bend, Indiana, which lasted about two hours.

The students that she has taught Barrett, describe her as an honest, intelligent, and turned in the debate all parties.

Barrett student, Antonina called in the Surf, had a trainee. The deceased Scalia in 2016, is a legend to conservatives and the supporters of the so-called oryginalizmu, the school, stating that the judges have a strict Interpretation of the Constitution, in accordance with the intentions of their creators. Oryginaliści believe that it is committed to no such thing as a “living Constitution”, and in relation to this, judges are, to his letter. In practice, in the United States often social changes are.

In the process of nomination, be in the spotlight a question of faith Barrett was. The liberals fear that Your Catholicism shaped his views so much that can prevent non-biased case-law in issues such as abortion or the rights of minorities. In kilkudniowych hearings in the Parliament of the Democrats, Senator Dianne Feinstein said to Barrett that “she speaks, according to the Dogma”.

The conservatives have said that publicly, not in connection with religious beliefs should be. Barrett argues that her faith “has no influence on the execution of the office as a judge”. Also says that the legal career, you should not as a means to preserve the joy, the prestige or the money, but how “Means for guiding joint for worship“.

As the Federal judge Barrett, with around 100 reviews wrote, and in some “showed a clear and consistent conservative attitude,” says the associated Press. This caused objections, in particular the environments of the LGBT Community. The organization Human Rights Campaign expressed the fear that his nomination represents a “threat to the rights of the LGBT”.

Fear the liberal media is, especially with the approach of Barrett on the question of abortion.