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Slovakia calls for the tests to Covid-19. But the flight leaves a bad date

Defense Minister Jaroslav About’ apologized on Saturday for the distributed leaflets with false information about the deadline for the upcoming General Tests for the presence koronawirusa. Flyers have been sent before the Central headquarters decided the crisis on Monday, with the reduction of Tests from three days to two.

Tests cover. May all the inhabitants of Slovakia, as well as within its territory for foreigners. Tests are free of charge and is.in the day time from 7 am to 22, on Saturday and Sunday About 5 thousand. Places downloadsbut to take the full composition of the staff, the Tests in the attack, to 4901. By the way, for this reason, the decision on the reduction of the originally planned Tests, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday, only Saturday and Sunday it was.

In the tests of adult inhabitants of Slovakia to participate, with the exception of those koronawirusem has been confirmed within the last 90 days, the infection or those who have a medical contra-indications. Self-participation is voluntarybut only the people with negative results to benefit from several exceptions, a significant limitation of the rights of a group of houses is conducted from Saturday to next Sunday. Restrictions are likely to be extended to the first week of February.

The pilot phase of the most common Tests, the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 4 most affected koronawirusem districts of the country was carried out. Tests showed 5 594 infected had no symptoms, and they were not in contact with the patient on Covid-19. After the exam will have 10 days to spend in quarantine, which creates the possibility for a restriction of the contacts of people who may be the source of the infection.

The President of Slovakia Zuzana Czaputova after a meeting with epidemiologami she said at a press conference that the implementation of the Tests is not a threat to health care for the patients. She stressed that in the healthcare sector, several thousand doctors and nurses are missing.

Participation in the press conference Czaputovej experts pointed out that the widely used Tests do not need to be submitted, what the representatives of the government make, as an Alternative to the full lockdownu of the country.

A recording of new infections koronawirusem in Slovakia