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The police officers, African Americans shot. Skirmishes on the streets in the USA

In the night of Monday to Tuesday in Philadelphia, there were violent protests and clashes with the police. Cause of the riots, the fire at the officers, the 27-year-old African-American was. In consequence of the accidents of 30 police officers injured.

As reported by the newspaper “Philadelphia Inquirer”, on the streets of Philadelphia, several hundred people came. Mileage of the protest was sharp – protesters set fire to police cars and trash, pelted police with stones and various objects. At some point, uchwyconym by witnesses on Video, the cops, the formation of the in their direction.began to flee from the hail of objects,

A woman was taken to hospital with a broken leg after she was hit by a car. Hotbed of dramatic incidents, the Situation with poniedziałkowego in the afternoon when two police officers zastrzeliło on the road in Philadelphia, the 27-year-old Walter Wallace was. According to the police report, the with called officers were, in the district of Cobbs Creek in the Western part of the city, where Williams.

In front of the White house there was a large inscription. “Black lives have value”

Published on Twitter a Video of the incident You will see how Wallace fits in a decisive step to the police officers began to retreat, at the same time yelling that he threw the knife that was in Hand. After a few seconds, at a distance from him a series of shots from a gun with a several meters.

According to the words of the father of the victim, Wallace mental health problems and medication had taken. The husband of the 27-year-old footballer, he complained to the police that they are to quick shots to give away, rather than you Shocker (Shocker – approx. ed.).

The chief of city police, Daniel Outlaw stated that “the Video asks many questions to fully answer investigation”.

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