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What are the models of men’s shoes are the best for the Winter?

The Winter is certainly a unpleasant time of the year where it’s snowing and raining, will appear most bitter cold and wind, but to be on a cold and is not sick, is not really difficult. Therefore, it is worth considering the selection of the best models of men’s shoes for the Winter. These kinds of shoes should also of the high level of thermal insulation, the thick sole and insulation.

The Choice Shoes Winter Men, you should choose models that have certain properties. The following are the criteria according to which you need to Winter in the purchase of shoes:

  • high ankle, at least up to the knuckles, which protects against cold and snow and rain and also provides appropriate thermal insulation and comfort
  • Thick sole which protects the foot from feeling cold, the sidewalks and front of the bumps,
  • Perforations on the sole and additional depreciation, i.e. the elements of the security and that there is a small Chance on the risk of slipping on icy walkways,
  • Thermal insulation is carried out, for example, made of fur or wool, which warms the feet and gives a pleasant feeling, even in najmroźniejsze days.

Also worth paying attention to the Material of manufacture of the shoes, the impact not only on a feeling of warmth, but also to longevity and sturdiness of the shoes on various factors, precipitation and mechanical damage. Men’s shoes, like women’s winter boots are made from the finest materials. An excellent example is the leather, which ensures thermal comfort, moisture and breathes, as well as adapt to the feet. Of course, you can also choose suede and synthetic materials, but these last are highly vulnerable and do not have adequate insulation.

In the Winter, you should not wear sneakersów, trampek and other sports shoes. The truth that you are on the streets, many men in this kind of shoes, but it is important to remember that a common cold often starts with exactly wyziębionych legs. Instead of sporting shoes, you can choose men’s boots, shoes, or ankle boots. All of these Shoe models you can find in the network of Polish shops in CCC and shopping possibilities you find in the section or via the Internet.


Shoes overwhelming men’s classic for the Winter. These shoes combine comfort, convenience, warmth and stylish appearance. Please note, that shoes these shoes are rather elegant, although it also works in the sports stylizacjach. One of the casual models of shoes, Derby, popular in the second half of the XIX century, when, during the hunt. Later, in the twentieth century, these shoes started in urban areas, and currently, it is Derby shoes are one of the most popular models of men’s Winter shoes. A different type of mens shoes, which is perfect in the winter time, are high boots in the color brown or black. Such models are very popular among men, because they are very comfortable and also for men.

Lace-Up Boots

In the Winter, good shoes, however, you should be models with a high shaft. This kind of shoes is very comfortable and looks good in the company of Jeans, sztruksów, joggerów, chinosów, and also to the elegant pants garniturowych. Of course, the shoes are not as warm as boots, but their big advantage is ease. Therefore, this kind of Shoe is often men opt for the Job.

Ankle boots

Ankle boots it is just the shoes is not, because a lot of men solve. This type of shoes look great, accompanied by elegant capes, parek and puchowych jackets. Ankle boots those men who are in a hurry and do not want to the shoes paired can answer. In this case, you only need to insert Booties on the feet and already you can leave the house. In the shops a wide selection of mens сапогов, available in various Designs and colors. In any case, a bet is worthwhile in the classics, and therefore the models, in black or brown.