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“2 billion euros in losses across the country”. Italian restorers protest against restrictions

Rome, Milan, Bologna, Bergamo – in that and in 20 other cities of Italy protests of restaurateurs were against the new regulation, the government, the activities of which were limited Restaurants and cafes. The protesters said that the meadows you the last Kick. The organizers of the rally declared that the gathered on you in a country of more than 10 thousand. Man.

According to the regulation, until 24 November Restaurants, Bars, ice cream parlours and pastry shops can be open until 18:00. Later only the sale is takeaway and home delivered. As the Opposition’s values against the new border, the representatives of the gastronomy protests staged in many cities of Italy.

In Milan on the square in front of the Cathedral spread a white table cover on which glasses and plates with Cutlery. “We on earth” – this is the Motto of owners of cafes and employees protested there. In Milan, a loss of 153 million euros. In Italy, every month of premature closure of the premises 2.1 billion Euro losses, but to endanger 300 thousand will bring. Jobs – said the head of the Federation, a unifying industry-gastronomy Lino Stoppani.

In Rome for the protesters in front of the Pantheon restaurateurs, the leader of the opposition League, Matteo Salvini joined. In Naples the participants of the rally have tablecloths, Set before the seat of the authorities of the Campania Region, and in Verona – from the ancient Arena. In Florence came a Protest from the mayor Dario Nardella, and the Chairman of the authorities of the Region of Tuscany Eugenio Giani in solidarity.

“We want to work”, chanted the hosts, chefs and bartenders in the main square Bologna. The workers of the tourism industry joined them. In utter silence the representatives of the gastronomy protested in Bergamoone of the cities in the world, the hardest hit by the pandemic koronawirusa.

On Tuesday, the government of Giuseppe Contego the regulation of the 5-billion-Euro assistance for all industries, the touches, the restrictive measures of the last regulation, i.e. gastronomy, tourism, culture and Sport.