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At the airport the body of a newborn baby was, so the passenger research had to

The Qatar government expressed on Friday his regret about the implementation of compulsory gynecological examinations on women with the departure of the flight on 2. October newborn with Ad-Dauhy from-for the thrown at the airport. Incident interested and skrytykowały before the Australian authorities.

Women must be removed from the Deck, aircraft forced and underwear photos the inspection without explanation of why they serve.

This also applies to the passengers takes the 10 aircraft, including 13 Australijek said the Australian foreign Minister, Marise Payne, condemned on Monday the event as “very disturbing” and “offensive”.

The child must be wrapped in a plastic bag and leave in your trash. The statement katarskiego government declared that the decision on the implementation of the forced research, was the desire “to prevent the escape of the perpetrators of these terrible crimes”.

At the same time – this is not typical for the countries of the Persian Gulf – “expressed regret about the suffering or the violation of the freedom of the Person, what this action may, to the traveller”.

As a father of a daughter, I could start just on the idea that someone could be vulnerable the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said on Wednesday.

Concern was also expressed about the British resort to diplomacy expressed.

The Prime Minister of Qatar, Khalid bin Khalifa Al-Sani said that the results of the current “full and transparent” investigation into the incidents would be “granted to our international partners”.

In Qatar, as in other countries in the Region – for the sexual relationship and the birth outside of marriage is a punishment in prison, and for many migrants, Deportation threatens. To keep track of when sexual relations difficult, and the law often remains in this dead matter, then the birth in the hospital should unmarried woman intelligence services and hard-to-cradle involve consequences.

The death month of the newborn in Zawiercie. The Prosecutor’s office clarifies the circumstances of the tragedy