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Clash of the container ship with war ship. The Polish captain arrested

The Polish captain of the container ship Maersk Launceston led to a collision with a ship of the Greek Navy in the vicinity of the port of Piraeus. Today has been arrested. According to the Greek Ministry of marine, the war, the ship was severely damaged.

The clash occurred on Tuesday morning, three nautical miles from Piraeus, the main port and in the vicinity of Athens, told the AFP news Agency.

Long at about 70 m a Greek destroyer of minutes, Callisto was severely damaged, and two of the 27 persons on Board slightly injured.

The Navy and the coast guard immediately began the rescue operation, which brought victim to the hospital, and the ship was towed to the naval base in Salamis.

According to Greek media, the destroyed poop Callisto had been, and the ship was almost cut in two halves”. Damage is not so severe that the vehicle repair is likely to be able to.

It is not a miracle that the victim was“said a spokesman for the Greek government Stelios Pecas.

The Polish captain of the container ship Maersk Launceston was arrested according to the survey conducted by the Greek authorities in the port, – reported a press-service of the Ministry. Added that Poland accused of “hotel Marine accident due to negligence”.

Area of 266 km and 22 members of the crew floating under the flag of Portugal container ship until you can leave the port.

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