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Fire clinic in Rio de Janeiro. During the evacuation, two, the patient died

In the clinic, in Rio de Janeiro, there was a strong fire. As local media reported, in the time of the evacuation of about 200 patients to other hospitals, two sick women died on Covid-19.

The fire brigade finally managed to master the Situation. The cause of the fire is not yet known. Probably, the fire was initially x-rays in the laboratory, and quickly spread to other rooms.

The fire Department does not claim that always pay enough attention to the safety of the fire Department in the hospital.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Brazil for more than 5.4 million cases Covid-almost 19 and 158 thousand dead.

By the number of deaths in Brazil second in the world after the United States. And the number of infections is the third most affected koronawirusem country in the world, after the USA and India.