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Koronawirus. France leads the monthly lockdown

After hearing from the world of politics, medicine, the decision on the imposition of the quarantine, the national Friday in connection with the development of the epidemic koronawirusa – President Emmanuel Reebok Stadium at the occurrence of TV channel on Wednesday evening.

He stressed that, in order to stop the Virus, you need to go to “next”. The second wave of the epidemic is a terrible and deadly than the first he added.

We were together from the sudden acceleration of the epidemic, the Virus, which seem to run around with decreasing temperature , he said. In Europe, we all are surprised by the Evolution of the virus. Some countries have stricter measures, but we are all in one and the same point – the President has added.

I decided on the introduction of the national quarantine Friday, in order to avoid the spread koronawirusa and about 400 thousand. Victims of the pandemic in the coming months – the President told. He reported that in mid-February expect to receive around 9 thousand. Patients Covid-19 on the intensive care unit.

The Virus circulates with a speed that is not made available, even the most pessimistic forecasts – he said, adding that it would protect the elderly and the diseases współistniejącymi, young people and health care workers.

School, nursery and Kindergarten will remain open, as well as the jobs and shops.

Away from work, it is recommended, however, where it is possible. Also, it will be possible to visit old people’s homes and nursing homes. Remain closed, and Bars and Restaurants.

Each leave of the house must goals be motivated, professional, medical, or care for the other and or after the purchase. Every citizen must have a certificate to leave the house under the question, in consequence of which the output, as in the case of quarantine, spring

Private meetings are excluded, and public meetings are forbidden, – the President said.

Company closed administratively is asked to support up to 10 thousand euros in a month.

The quarantine lasts at least until 1. December, said Macro. On Thursday in the Parliament the debate and vote on the several Parking spaces specifically marked.

The President of the European Council on the coordination of the responses of health care in the different countries of the European Union. We are all of two weeks to determine whether we can mitigate the limitations. (…) If 15 days is better, we can re-open some stores Macro said.

The head of state has promised that the return home of all the saints, at the weekend, that would be possible, but in the next few days, movement should be reduced to a Minimum.

Our goal is the reduction of the number of people infected with 40-50 thousand. the day – he emphasized.

Places are open to the worship, to all the saints, – said, in turn, on Wednesday, the religious leaders, the Minister of internal Affairs Gerald Darmanin.

Visit to the cemeteries can still is normal, places of worship, when the remain open, no more religious ceremonies (mass, worship services, weddings, funerals), I think that the presence of believers, it is, if you are reduced to the maximum, can keep to occur the newspaper “Le Figaro” writes. This solution allows the Muslims the title of the feast of the birth of the prophet Mohammed, 29.

Prime Minister Jean Castex explain exactly all the measures the government on Thursday at a press conference after the speech in front of the national Assembly and the Senate.

France is considering a national, monthly quarantine