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Tail cut a femoral artery police. The man bled to death

The policeman of the Philippines died during the RAID on the place, in the areas during the pandemic koronawirusa cock fighting. One of the birds, the for the fighting cut a femoral artery-officer of a metal sheet, the pursuit of the legs.

The accident occurred in San José, in the province of Northern Samar. Police officer Christian Bolok, collecting evidence, he raised his cock.

The animal struck the blade into the left thigh of the man who bled to death – told the AFP news Agency Arnel Apud, the police chief of the province of Northern Samar.

It was an accident and bad luck, I can’t explain was Apud said – I couldn’t believe it, as to me the first time it was reported.

Apud, he added that for the first time met with such a case, since, as 25 years ago, began to the police.

Popular in the Philippines the fighting of cocks, in which two birds with przywiązanymi for the feet made of metal, knives, prohibited and during a pandemic koronawirusain order to prevent crowds of people.

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