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The Germans injected lockdown. Merkel: we Need to take action

Germany to impose the month of lockdown, in the framework of the Restaurants are closed, gyms and theaters, to reverse the Trend, the growth of infections koronawirusem. “We need to take action,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany for a long time the second wave of growth infections koronawirusem based. In the last few days, the number of infections to increase again from the beginning. The last day fixed for 15 thousand was almost. Cases. Only in the Land of 464 found 239 infections. 10 183 people died.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that due to the current Situation with health care in the country could collapse. Our System can handle with today’s task, but if the trend of the spread of the Virus is given, this Health protection up to the limit of your possibilities in the course of the week she said.

Somehow, we have to limit contact. If we wait, then finally, we need to restrict them even more – she noted.

Merkel also said that the experts were able to only 25%. Sources of infections. It is not known, so which aspects of social life impact on the spread of the Virus.

In connection with the epidemic, from 2. February meeting in Germany is limited to 10 people. Participate can hold up to people with two.

The Czech government wants to extend the state of emergency until December

Restaurants, Bars, theatres, cinemas, swimming pools and gyms are closed. Concerts will be cancelled.

Merkel asked the people a question, you have not travelled for private purposes. With the stay in the Hotels only the persons for business purposes benefit.

The Chancellor stressed that the restrictions are aimed at the mitigation of the potential financial crisis. She added that it all depends on you, schools and kindergartens were opened. Opened shops. In all of these institutions strict rules of Hygiene and the social дистанцирования apply.

The Federal government has promised, the program-package of 10 billion euros. The money is for companies that touches on lockdown. Small businesses with up to 50 employees, for the month of November will receive 75 percent. Revenue in the same period in the year 2019.

Lockdown month will take.

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