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The head of the EC: the rights of women is an achievement. We should not pull back

The head of the European Commission, and Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday took the voice on the protests in Poland, on the right to abortion. As you stressed, to strengthen the rights of women is an achievement and should not deviate in this matter.

Saturday, the seventh day of protests across the country, is published according to the decision, last week the constitutional court. The court recognized unconstitutional the provision of the so-called law antyaborcyjnej since 1993, the interruption of the pregnancy because of the severe and irreversible defects in the fetus.

To make progress difficult, but easy to lose. Strengthen the rights of women-an advantage and a benefit to which Europe should be proud. We must go forward and not backward – wrote in the Twitter of the Leyen. A Rollback is not an Option for a continent that aspires to win the future she added.

The European Commission has no competence in such matters, such as abortion, workers previously positions in relation to TELECOMMUNICATIONS solutions. Of the Leyen, the truth, did not write directly that your entry refers to the Situation in Poland, but the REUTERS, a European Commission spokesman Eric Rankweil confirmed.

This message is for all the women in connection with the recent events in Poland – he emphasized.

Andrzej Duda took the word ws. to have an abortion. “I feel this Situation”