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The murder of the African American by the police. The riots in Philadelphia

After the murder of the police, the 27-year-old African-American Walter Wallace in Philadelphia on the ongoing protests, often in agitation. On Wednesday, mayor Jim Kenney, the introduction of the curfew, which will be operational from 21 PM to 6 has.

The Demonstration was organized after the death of Wallace, also in Washington, New York and Portland, Oregon.

On Monday, Cobb’s Creek, were made by the police in the district in the Western part of Philadelphia, where Williams and They didn’t shoot a couple of times in a young man, when he responded to the call, he threw the knife.

The lawyer his family’s Shaq Johnson said, however, that there was a misunderstanding, because the family call on the phone to the emergency number 911, an ambulancebecause Wallace, of the mental illness suffered, went through a severe crisis, and needed help.

The Williams family also stated that police officers who have killed him, understood his condition, because on Monday were three times at her home because of the condition of the man.

Mayor Kenney said, what a lot of protests after the death of Wallace was peaceful, however, it came to vandalism and riots, and no Form of Aggression will not be tolerated.

Wallace had nine children, his wife is pregnant. If they (the police) comes to the point where someone in a psychological crisis, and the only tool, a weapon, ( … ), where it will deal the necessary tools in order? – said Johnson. Chief of police Daniel Outlaw admitted that none of the police officers had you Shocker, when it came down to a shootout, and added that the Department of Retail police spoke previously to the authorities with the request that it Finance the purchase of additional taserów.

The representative of police has not answered to the question of what the employees of the law enforcement authorities have been informed that you are dealing with the patient.

It is the next in this the year of the victims of the police, oskarżanej about the excessive use of violence against the black. In may, the unrest in the entire United States and many other countries it is extended to George Floyd murdered.

The 46-year-old African-American died on the 25. May, in Minneapolis, when she was crushed during the arrest because of an alleged attempt of the false numbers in 20 dolarowym banknotem to earth interweniującego policeman for more than eight minutes with a knee pressed on his neck. On the Video of the arrest, heard Floyd, who was unarmed, he said that you can’t breathe.

The death of Floyd and the other victims, including a 26-year-old Breonny Taylor, zastrzelonej in your own home, as the police incorrectly marked your apartment during the Anti-drug stock, has led to a movement alive Black Lives Matter. Since the spring, the movement of the Initiator of numerous protests, especially in the USA, but also in many cities in the world.

On the knees, to the neck, Floyd the time of his death. Derek Chauvin released from the detention