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The Problem of abortion in Poland. The EU Commission is TK with the Situation in connection with the decision of the

The debate in the Committee on Civil liberties PE on the Situation in Poland in connection with the decision of the TK in terms of abortion, is our reporter Catherine Szymańskiej-Borginon the head of this Commission-Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar said. Mep is also the author of the highly critical report about the state of democracy and the rule of law in Poland, which has been adopted in the past month, some PE, by an overwhelming majority.

According to the discussion in the Commission LIBE of the discussion in plenary and resolution. We have a lot of debate and resolutions in the PE, as long as not to be restored in Poland, the European values Aguilar said. In his opinion, women in Poland – as in any democratic country – You must have the freedom of choice in the question of abortion.

Despite the fact that the issue of abortion refers to the national jurisdiction, that, according to the Aguilara, the Russian legislation must also be in accordance with the Charter of fundamental rights and values in the wings of the EU. In addition, as noted, some of the areas of cooperation of the EU in the framework of the judicial family policy are “cross-border aspects” and the prerogative of the European Union. Polish women forced to have abortions in other EU countries. In any case, so the Basis of PET, a further resolution on Polish adopted – the Deputy said.

Augilar also pointed out that the protesters against the verdict TK “it unijni citizens, protesting against the abuse of the power PiS”. He said that he fully understands this huge Protest. He also expressed the Protest against the “illegal application of violence on the part of the Polish police”.

The constitutional court ruled on Thursday that the recipe for the authorisation for the admissibility of abortion in the case of the high probability of severe and irreversible disorders of the development of the fetus or an incurable illness threatening him life associated with the Constitution.

From Thursday of a sentence in cities across Poland, thousands of women protested. Demonstrations took place, especially in front of the house of Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the seat of the “Manneken Pis” in Warsaw, the building of the constitutional court and in front of the churches.

The strike of the women: the protests will continue until since the resignation of the government