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The Spanish court accidentally freed for years, wanted to go

The court in Barcelona freed from the prison of the sought-after over the years one of the leaders of the Italian Mafia for drugs. Representatives of the Spanish judicial system, complaints about colleagues from Italy, that those were “sufficiently accurate” report personaliach the recorded in Catalonia criminals.

As reported on Tuesday’s Radio Cope, the search for the 41-year-old member of the leadership of the Calabrian Mafia ‘ndrangheta in the whole of Spain The radio station is recalled that after the taking in mid-October by the Italian criminal court, criminal-and administrative-in Barcelona, he had not sufficient grounds for a charge to release 41-year-old man.

A part of the commentators, however, has doubts as to the intention of the judge, the 13. October, announced the release of Vittorio Raso. Refer to information from the Spanish police, which, as claimed they had to bring you to court, in particular, documents confirming that an Italian state was citizens on the wanted list of the European arrest warrant.

As declared in the return, the court in Barcelona has been up since the Start of the hearing in respect of the prisoners, citizens of Italy, that there are some years in Europe, is in the search, already a member of the Executive Board ‘ndranghety. Was known only that the police had him in the attempt of extortion.

Spanish Portal Topics Head, however, came to trzystronicowej documentation on the on account of his long list of crimes Włochu. Claims that the court made sure that the “terrible experience it is to have screwed up”.

The police officers claim that it is committed in these documents information about the crime, of 15 to 20 years Raso – added fixed a Portal, adding that the Spanish judiciary only after two hours after the liberation of the offender received from the Italian police with important information about the “rich history of the man in the structures of the Mafia against drugs”.

In The Year 2019. the police broke the cage of the Italian against the drug Mafia, ‘ndrangheta, in Andalusia, in the South of Spain. Then, however, hides from the police Raso managed to escape. According to police, a few months later, the offender tried to escape in Brazil.

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