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To starve, forced and have a whole victim sexually. The founder of the sect sentenced to a prison sentence of 120 years in prison

Keith Raniere, founder of NXIVM, Marketing, organization, and cult, convicted York court had been, in the New-to 120 years in prison, in particular for attacks and sexual violence against women and girls, trafficking in children, the leadership of the criminal activities and extortion.

A dark sect, the sexy slave. In the US, the process leader of NXIVM take

Keith, the organization NHIVM founded by Raniere as a company on the promotion of self-improvement and personal development. Organized very expensive training courses, in which you have participated, including film stars and celebrities.

The company was understood to be a cover for criminal activities that forced Sex, even with the help of blackmail, namawianiu in fornication, the use of violence in the way – how is defined as the court – “nieprzejednanie Brutal” and “particularly scandalous”, especially in relation to girls and young women.

Raniere, in particular, Sex with 15-year-old girl, and for a period of two years and the other a teenager. A whole victim, forced to starve slave labor and oznakowywał urged their initials.

Announcing the sentence, U.S. district judge Nicholas Garaufis said that the amount of the penalty affected unusual cruelty Raniere, as well as the lack of any remorse of the defendant.

Self-Raniere has declared in court: I think I am clear of these charges (…). It is true that it is not a penance for the crime, of which, I think, that you are not committed.

The company cult NXIVM was the subject of two documentary series, “The Vow” and “Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult was”.

“Il Dottore” for more than 30 years stood at the head of the sect. May call you so, and I have women