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Belarus closes the border with Poland

Belarus closes its border with Poland. The white Russians stopped the design of the movement in the personal points in BOBROWNIKI and forge беластоцкой. Without obstacles runs, and freight transport. Border protection advises travelers on the go on the project, go to Belarus in order to benefit from the change in Terespol.

Polish confirmed the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the border of Belarus, Poland and Lithuania is currently closed. It can pass only diplomats and truck drivers.

The Ministry of foreign Affairs has transferred to the PAP, the Information about the closure of the borders of the Belarusian State border Committee. Resort to diplomacy added that the official reason for the closure, presented the Belarusian side is an increase in infections koronawirusem in Poland.The last day in Poland, showed more than 20 thousand. a new infection, the came 301 people lost their lives.

Previously, the Belarusian side not to leave it reported that its citizens, but later it turned out that the Expedition will take place, but you are over the limit.

The rest of the personal cars and buses is not reduced to Belarus, I think, that benefit from a change in Terespol. There – don’t know why – motion-bed-room Minsk was not interrupted.

White Russian media also report about problems with the entry from Latvia and the Ukraine.

“Today in the afternoon it began to spread to Lithuania information about the closure of the border, and Poland. It is not known who was the Initiator of this decision, but our citizens will not be able to return to their home countries. In the State border Committee Portal Onliner.by this Information confirms, adding that this decision was made in connection with a pandemic,” he wrote Onliner.by.

On demand one of the border crossings in the Grodno Region, said the Portal, it was unexpected. “For many it was a surprise, including to us. No one expected” ,- he declared.

Belarus will not allow the car on Thursday on the part of Lithuania on their territory, Recalling koronawirusa – I’ve a press-the Secretary of the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs Vasily Zaborovska.

“The trucks are still driving, as well as the cars from Belarus in Lithuania”, – said the Agency Reuters.