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What is the winning number in the National lottery? Here learn.

Last updated on 29/10/2020 at 21:38

The the first prize of the raffle of the National lottery held on 29. October 2020 was the 89985.

This figure is endowed with 30,000 euros, to the tenth.

For his part, the second raffle prize it was the 26067. The three withdrawals like in numbers 9, 6 and 5.

The awards of the National lottery vary depending on the jackpot each draw, so Yes, keep in mind that the National lottery provided 70% of the broadcast awards.

In the draws during the week kept, the normal thing is that each series is endowed with 300,000 euros, so that each of the ten award-winning would grant its wearer 30,000 euros.

On the other hand, the drawing of the National Lottery Saturday Doubling of the numbers of up to 60,000 euros for the tenth, with a total of 600,000 Euro for the series.

In the special runs like the Christmas, the tenth award-winning comes loaded with awards around the half a million euros.

How to watch on your say-award-winners of the National Lottery on your mobile: the best apps

We remind you that you can check all your tenth in the website of lotteries and bets of the statethere you will find a handy checker-tenth of the lottery.

Nevertheless, there are numerous mobile applications with that, you will be able to, if one-tenth of the lottery is given by the result or not.

  • Official application of the State company of lotteries and bets of the state (SELA)
  • Your Lotero
  • The witch of Gold
  • Scanner of lotteries and bets
  • Results of the lotteries and betting
  • Resuloto

You can find all of these apps, less on Google Play, where you will be able to download it fully free.

Note that the state company of lotteries and bets of the state You don’t have your app upload to Google Play but you need to download the APK from their web page.

To check the best apps, the tenth lottery


TuLotero is one of the best apps that exist, to check the lottery, the in the mobile.

Logically, as we have discussed, because of its reliability, have to be installed on the official app of lotteries and bets of the state it is a success: you can check with full confidence-and security-results that interest you the most.

In addition, the small app is better for you seal your ticket and from game the mobile.

In addition, we highlight Resulotoa simple application that in a clear manner and without complications the results of the Lotteries Spanish and other countries of Latin America.

This is one of the applications that are easy to use and with Hundreds of votes positive. Intuitive and very practical, just what you need.

We leave at the end of our list of recommendations Your Loteroa app , we have been over it many times spoken thanks to your carousel Functionsto find something that is unique and difficult of this type in applications.

You can not only to view the results the National lottery and many other lotteries and games of chance, but you can also wear your tickets physical in the mobile play online 100% safe.